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The Accidental Prepper

EST. Saturday, April 18, 2020

Some of my dreams make such an impression on me that they stay in my memory as though they happened yesterday. This is one of my earliest, perhaps around 5 years of age; subject is my birth mother. I say birth mother because I never considered her a mother but she was the most evil person I ever knew.

I was standing outside a small one axle camper trailer. It had large open windows all around. I heard my mother calling for help and had to stand on my tiptoes to see in. The inside of the trailer was several times larger than the outside, like a large empty two story home but what filled the void were stairs, dozens of stairs running from the floor up to the high ceiling where they disappeared. I heard my mother call for help again and noticed that the trailer was deflating like a hot air balloon. As it began to collapse in on itself I blew a hard breath into the window. Although the large windows were all open, the trailer re-inflated. I could hear my mother running up and down stairs trying to find her way out. 

The trailer began to collapse again and I blew another breath inside to inflate it once again. I heard her running up and down stairs in a panic, sometimes her foot steps seemed to be getting closer while other times further away. I kept blowing into the trailer until it began to collapse more quickly and I found myself unable to replenish the air fast enough. The trailer soon collapsed in on itself without my mother ever getting out. I stood there looking at the flattened trailer wondering what to do next.