The Accidental Prepper

EST. Saturday, April 18, 2020


Dream date: Wednesday, February 7, 2001

Update; Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020

    Here in Hampton Roads, you can not get from point "A" to point "B" without crossing a river. You are either going over it or under it along with tens of thousands of people at the same time. My worry was how would I ever get home if any of these bridges or tunnels were placed out of commission. After some meditating on the thought, my answer not only came to me in the following dream but also showed me an area I would someday come to know well. 

    I had just gotten off work and was complaining to a coworker how I hated the afternoon traffic. We were working along a river and he suggested that I should swim back and forth to work since my home was next to one of the branches of this river. I decided he had a point and stripped down to my underwear. I took a plastic bag and stuffed my clothes into it to keep them dry. I then took a piece of rope and tied one end to the bag, the other to my waist. I jumped in, heading in the direction of my home. The river was crowded with lots of boats and barge traffic. I swam between boats to avoid being run over. I was nearing an intersection in the river that I needed to swim through. Behind me was a small yacht which was trying to go around me. I did not allow the yacht to pass for fear that its wake would knock me under the water. Right before we got to another intersection in the river, the yacht turned into a canal on the right. I made it to the intersection where I found it too rough to swim because of the current and wakes left by larger boats. I made a right while fighting the large wake being made by a tug pushing a barge in the opposite direction.

I saw a narrow canal leading off to the right. The water was flat and held no traffic. I took the canal knowing it was a bit longer but I would not have to swim as hard. Swimming around a bend, I saw the yacht that had been behind me moments ago, far ahead. Next time I thought, I will take the canal he had turned off into.

Further down I came to a lock. I had to tread water while waiting for the gates to open. Once through the lock, I swam for some time then came to a sign showing an alternate route. It was a smaller canal to the left that seemed quiet and too small for boat traffic. I took the alternate route. The canal was windy and thinned to only a few dozen yards across. Around a few more bends it became thick with green leafy vines that criss-crossed my path making it difficult to swim. Shortly after the canal dead-ended at a small clear piece of land that held an open path through some woods. I climbed out of the water and changed into my dry clothes. I followed the path through a thick wooded area covered so thick in vegetation that it looked more like a wall on either side. It quickly opened to my backyard where I was surprised that I had never noticed the path before. I reached my house feeling satisfied that I had found a new way to work.

Was the answer to getting home to swim there if I had to? I doubt I’m that good of a swimmer to cross miles of water. I did however not long after the dream purchase my first inflatable boat to haul around in my car.  The house in the dream wasn't the one I had been living in at the time. However, our current house has a stream running through the land. A path through the thick wooded area leading to the stream is covered in thick vegetation that looks more like a wall on either side (sound familiar?). I eventually followed the stream out shortly after moving here and found to my surprise, that it flowed into a canal which ran out into the river. This was my access home encase I ever had to use the updated inflatable kayak I keep in my trunk.


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