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The Accidental Prepper

EST. Saturday, April 18, 2020

Just let me say, I’ve been blessed. However, if you are interested in helping with the support of this site, which runs a few dollars a year, I would be grateful. But before you do, know this; I am not struggling to keep it going. My finances are fine and I have a good paying job that unlike so many other people; I go to each day. There are many ways you can help. Starting in order with the most important;

  1. You can continue to visit these sites; YouTube- Will At Work, TikTok- @willatwork, Just checking into these sites gives me a count of people visiting and informs me that you are interested which encourages me to continue with them.
  2. If you have website building knowledge/abilities, your advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3.  If you have a full time job and your finances are all caught up; you can donate to 1of 2 of my cash apps. Please, do not donate any money if you or your family can’t afford it, THEY COME 1ST!- Cash app-$willAtWork, PayPal-
  4. You can purchase the children's book, “Obie’s Story”. This is a short digital children's book my wife has illustrated, written and published.

“Once you embrace your value, talents and strengths, it neutralizes when others think less of you.”
― Rob Lian

Obie's Story; A children's story written from a brave dog's point of view, involving early rejection and difficulty, leading him to have to survive out on the street but his plight eventually resolves.

How you can help support this site.