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The Accidental Prepper

EST. Saturday, April 18, 2020


(Note; should any future space traveler find this world, its name has already been established).
All of my out-of-body experiences are under a time frame. I know that sooner or later I will be waking. Some of the times I feel rushed, while other times I can simply take my time while taking in the scenery.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
I stood on a darkened beach. The shoreline was only a few yards wide, between the water's edge and an alien-looking forest. The foliage ran along the shoreline so thick that there would be no way for me to get through even if I had wanted. I found it hard to discern if the plant life was trees, bushes or masses of thick mossy-looking vines growing upward at around sixty or seventy feet. Facing the water to my left, the shoreline and foliage ran off into the horizon. To my right, a tall bluff well over one hundred feet tall ran off into the water for a few dozen yards. A mossy dark green substance grew all along its surface. The water, as far out as I could see, was near calm.

What held my attention most was the star or sun, up about sixty degrees. I do not know whether to call it a star or a sun only because it was radiant enough to light this world but only a little brighter than the earth under a full moon and easy to stare into its sparkling gold brilliance. It was not bright enough to light the sky so the heavens around it remained pitch black, nor was it dim enough to share the sky with other stars. It stood alone in the heavens but unlike any other star, this star was oblong. It was as wide as our sun but vertically long about two suns tall, like looking at the sun's reflection in a carnival mirror. Its oblong shape may have been caused by a high spin or could actually have been two stars close together. I admired it and its outstretched reflection in the rippling ocean. I thought about the thick foliage behind me and listened for anything that could be stirring inside. Nothing stirred, chirped, croaked, howled or peeped; not even a breeze ruffled the plant life. The only thing I could hear were the tiny ripples rolling upon the shore and even then at times my breathing covered their sound. 

Perhaps this was a new world only harboring plant life. Or maybe  its life, if there was any, had yet to leave the sea. I reached for the camera I keep on my side but then it dawned on me, this was  an out-of-body experience. It did not matter, I spent the time unmoving, simply enjoying the view until I awoke.