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The Accidental Prepper

EST. Saturday, April 18, 2020

Dough Nuts

My wife and I have 3 children each from our first marriages. All total our children have given us 19 grandchildren. Margaret raised my 2 sons who have always called her by name. I share my dream/OBE journals with family and some friends. For over 20+ years, this dream has been a favorite read for our children and grandchildren. Just so you know, anytime I have a dream/OBE which involves someone in this reality I know personally, I get their permission before making it public. You can thank my wife if you’re reading this.

Thursday, January 18, 1996 

My wife, two sons, my daughter and I were taking a trip to Maine from Virginia. On the way my wife got a sweet tooth. She knew of a pastry shop off the next exit and said that it was well known for its wonderful doughnuts. We took the next exit and my wife directed me to the pastry shop. When we pulled in front of the shop my eyes went wide. In the window were some of the largest and most delicious donuts I had ever seen, they looked like Christmas wreaths. Once baked, they were decorated with frosting and candies and hung on the walls and windows of the small pastry shop. Looking into the window from the car, I saw a white frosted doughnut hanging in the window that I hungered for.

“Wait here,” my wife said, “I'll run in and get us some. I'm getting one for myself. What would you like?”

“Get the white one in the window for me,” I said to her. I do not recall if the children wanted any.

The next thing I recalled was driving down I-95 with the kids. 

“Where's Margaret?” One of my boys asked. Somehow, I had forgotten my wife back at the pastry shop. I found an exit and turned around heading back to the pastry shop. In town I got lost for a couple of hours before I found my way back to the bakery. I ran inside but a woman behind the counter said my wife had gone over to a mall across the street to wait for me. I drove across the street where I saw my wife standing on the sidewalk in front of the mall. She did not seem upset when she got into the car, but informed me that she had eaten my doughnut out of spite.