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The Accidental Prepper

EST. Saturday, April 18, 2020

Cosmic Playing Field

During idle times, my imagination runs at full throttle. Some of my dreams come from ideas I play around with. If I meditate on one particular thought before bedtime, I can usually play it out in my dream. I have often thought that it would be fun to come up with a science fiction version of some of Dr. Seuss's stories. The “Cat in the Hat” is one I have played with in my mind but so far have had no dreams on the subject. This night I meditated on, “Horten Hears a Who” and got it, the first time.

In this dream I was not myself. I was a dark haired teen of about eighteen or nineteen. I was in the passenger seat of a car that held three other young men around my age. We were talking about the planet Neptune, as were the rest of the people on earth. A short time ago, perhaps days or weeks, Neptune had suddenly jumped out of its orbit and within a matter of days had plunged into the sun. On the news, scientists and government officials were baffled. Nothing had hit Neptune or passed by to pull it out of its orbit and nothing that was known should have blasted it at such a high speed. It was also odd that instead of a curved plunge, it left its orbit and went toward the sun in a straight line. 

We were driving through a city street at night when news broadcasters broke in for an update. An unknown scientist had just gone before government officials with an answer. The scientist had a machine that could look into other dimensions. He informed the government that what he had found was the solar system had been drawn into another dimension and was lying in what could only be described as a playing field. He explained that our eyes could not see this other dimension but his machine could. He said  the solar system was inches above this enormous cosmic playing field. He, by way of his machine, had also witnessed a lone alien on this field. Compared to the alien, our planets were no more than the size of soccer balls. The alien was using them for practice, kicking them into the goal, our sun. The scientist was thrown out and nearly jailed for wasting the government's time with such an outlandish story.  

The men and I in the car laughed out loud over this nutty scientist. One news man had to hear the rest of his story and allowed the scientist an interview. The scientist said that the alien had lined up on earth and was in the process of kicking us into the sun. We had only minutes before his foot kicked the earth and a few hours after that before we too were plunged into the sun. My friends and I burst out laughing. The driver could barely keep the car on the road; thankfully we were going only about 25 to 30 mph. We stopped at a traffic light minutes later and were still laughing. Suddenly, like a tablecloth snatched from under the dinner plates, the ground violently slid out from under the car. A mall that had been to the right of us had now slammed into all the parked cars and was pushing them into us. We slammed into the cars to the left of us. Vehicles and anything that was not fastened down quickly began to catch up with the ground. Just as all objects had caught up, the ground stopped. The momentum of the vehicles caused them to slam violently into each other as they came to a stop. 

Cars were piled up on each other and against the building that had blocked them. The four of us in the car were unharmed but very shaken. On the driver's side we were crushed up against a large black car that had been pushed up into the side of a gas station. The driver of the car was screaming at us, as though it was our fault. He demanded that we move our car so he could get out. Another car was laid up against my passenger side but at the back door. I was able to open mine and we crawled out one by one through my side. The driver of the black car began cursing at us to help him out or he was going to (expletive remark) each one of us. He was a very large African-American and full of rage, holding each of  the four of us responsible for the damages to his car. Even if we had wanted to,  we could not have gotten his car free, and because  he could get out of his window, we decided it was best to leave the scene, especially if whatever had happened were to happen again. We walked off down the street at a fast pace. 

It had been late at night at the time of the incident and most of  the stores in the area were closed. We were walking by a store that sold radios and clothes. The front door had been smashed in by debris. One of my friends suggested we go in and get one of the radios so we could get an update on what had happened. We squeezed through the broken door and found a radio that had been left on. Because the only person that seemed to have an answer was the crazy scientist, the media were again interviewing him. The scientist stated that the alien, on his attempt to kick the earth, had been interfered with by the moon. The kick to the moon had caused his foot to graze the earth which gave it the sudden spin. Astronomers had backed up his claim that the moon was gone from earth's orbit and on a course for the sun. 

Because of his  earlier predictions, the government had no other choice but to turn to the, not so crazy now, scientist. He suggested to all government officials on the earth that we point every radio transmitter towards the alien in hopes that he would hear us and stop his practice.  Until then, the scientist announced that the alien was lining up for another kick at the earth and for now everyone should take cover below ground. The four of us talked and decided we needed to get out of town, away from all the buildings. As we were leaving, we began stealing flashlights, radios and a few clothes just in case we needed extra. We ran out of the store and toward a wooded area that led  into the countryside. One of my friends said he knew of an abandoned barn that had a deep basement. We moved through the woods, our only light from the flashlights we had taken. It was not long before we came to a large opening. A derelict home sat in the opening while across from it was a partially collapsed barn. 

We got  into the barn but the door to the cellar was covered by pieces of the fallen barn. We had to dig away the boards but I suggested we only stack them to the side, just enough so we could fit through. After we were in, we should pull the stacked boards back over the hole to protect us from the rest of the barn. The four of us gathered around and quickly made a hole. We dropped down one at a time and then we reached up, shaking the stacked boards until they toppled over the hole. We sat in the dark until the sun came up. We heard someone yelling outside. I pushed some of the boards out of the way and stuck my head out. It was a police officer looking around. 

“Over here!” I called. The four of us thought he was looking for a safe spot to stay. We began moving enough boards to let him in. The police officer came over and looked down at us in the cellar. 

“Are you boys hiding from the next kick?” he asked. We told him we were.

“Well,” he said. “You can come out. They were able to make communication with the alien. He understood and placed us back into our own dimension. We're all safe, so you can come out.”

We climbed out and followed the officer back to his car, getting a ride back to town. As we pulled off, I awoke.