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The Accidental Prepper

EST. Saturday, April 18, 2020


 I can enjoy my out-of-body-experiences and stay longer in them when I prepare that night. I make sure before I lie down that my body is going to be comfortable, with the right temperature in the bedroom and the right amount of blankets for the night. I make the room extra dark so that the morning light does not disturb me, and most of all, make sure the alarm clock is off. However, sometimes OBE's just happen when I’m unprepared.

I woke up lying on my right side. In front of me was a vast flat landscape that held nothing but a surface of hard ground and white sand. A bright white sun hung low in the sky. I sat up on and looked at the sky above me. It was white with a hint of bluish gray.

I saw my attire was a full suit that covered all of my body, fitting every contour but my head. I sat up inspecting the suit with my gloved hands; the outer surface was made of some fine flexible material, while the inside felt as though it was filled with a fluid. Sensors must have been in the skin of the suit because I could not feel the material but felt as if I was touching my own skin. I ran my hand over the ground feeling the small grains of sand through my gloved fingers. As I ran my hand over the ground, the suit's color changed to reflect the color of the ground it was over, apparently a camouflage effect built into it.

I stood up. A triangular pack lay on the ground. I had been using it as a pillow. There was a strap on one end of the pack that I grabbed. There was a small ring about two fingers wide on the end of the strap that I thought should hook to the suit. I did not bother to inspect the inside of the pack; I was more interested in my surroundings. I looked for a place to hang the pack but found none. I slung it over my shoulder holding onto the strap. Once the pack lay against my back it somehow clung to the suit with the strap falling over my shoulder and across my chest. The ring I saw was used to remove the pack. I also noticed that the pack had some weight to it, but once fastened to the suit I could not tell it was there.

On the ground in front of me I could just make out my tracks from the day before. They ran off into the horizon in an almost straight line. I turned to look in the direction I had been heading and just over three miles away I saw a small city. It stood alone in the vast flat landscape that made up the world I could see. Behind the city the horizon was overcast by a large dark tan and golden alien-looking cloud formation reflecting the sun's light. The cloud formation had the look of an upside down bird's wing and I thought maybe it was a storm cloud due to its size and its leading edges.

I began walking toward the city when I caught the shadow of a round object just in front me. I quickly ducked and spun around but saw nothing. I looked back in the city's direction to see if the object had passed. I again saw the shadow only a couple of feet in front of me. I turned back to locate what was casting it, then realized it was me. The suit's camouflage included the capacity to make light either go around or through it. The shadow was my head. I continued my walk frequently glancing down at the bodiless shadow that proceeded in front of me.

Getting closer to the city, I could pick out individual buildings. All the buildings were rectangular and of a deep bluish gray, with only one more than 300 feet high. In the center front of the city there stood a building rising 500 feet or more whose main body held two spheres: one in the middle and one on top. As I got closer I saw the buildings on each side of the two-sphered building were mirror images of each other. At this distance I should also have been able to pick out any movements among the buildings, but nothing moved nor could I find anything other than the buildings themselves.

I looked up at the cloud covering the horizon, trying to see if it was coming my way or receding. The features had not changed from the wing formation; its place was fixed in the sky. Studying the formation, I could see it was neither a cloud nor natural, but a structure. After realizing this, I had difficulty wrapping my mind around what I was looking at. It still resembled an upside down bird's wing with layers of elongated features looking like feathers.

In the reflection of the sun, I could see the structure's surface was made of something hard but I could not make out its actual size. Its far end was beyond the horizon and was up so high I could not make out its thickness. Even with my approach closer to the city, the wing structure seemed to always be at the same point from me, making me think that it may have even been up in space hovering over the planet. Unlike the weathered city, the wing structure looked new.

My guess was I had been there for less than ten minutes and was looking forward to making it to the city before my time here was up. I picked up my pace which was effortless because the suit seemed to be doing all the work; after a few yards I began to jog. The suit took all the work out of my muscles. I felt I could have run for hours and not tired; but then I heard a chime in the distance and stopped. The chime increased but I was unable to tell which direction it was coming from. Soon I recognized the sound and immediately knew it was my alarm. The world around me quickly faded. I awoke in my bed, frustrated because this had been a day I could have slept in. I reached over and shut off the alarm.