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The Accidental Prepper

EST. Saturday, April 18, 2020

About Me...

I've created a life, I don't need a vacation from.- William T. Carroll, Jr.

If you look at the different sites on prepping, the first thing you might

notice are the headliner pictures. These are usually based on disasters,

tyranny or stock piles of supplies. Any of these bring worry and/or

concern to the viewer. The point I make in my headliner picture is that

Preppers are everyday people enjoying life on their terms without the worry of possible perverse events that may arise. After the picture, my next step was coming up with a title. I needed something that anyone could related to; after some consideration, I finally settled on calling my site, "The Accidental Prepper ".

This is due to the most asked question; "What made you become a Prepper?"
My answer; "It was purely by accident."
I'm a crane operator and as an operator, I never know my schedule hour to hour or day to day. I have very active hobbies, one of those is my love of camping but it's always hard to plan without having an organized schedule. So, I always kept my camping gear and food supply ready to go, just in case I get a couple of days off.

When hurricane Isabel hit in 2003, my family and I weren't put out like so many others without electricity for 8 weeks because it was more of a camping adventure for us, as well as keeping a stocked pantry due to growing teenagers in the house. On top of all this, we lived in a 4,000 sq ft house that was more than 70 years old. At the beginning I had a security company install devices throughout the house. These security devices rarely did their job or even worked at all. I got rid of the company and began looking for my own ways of securing our home over time. I came up with some very creative ideas. 
Once we were through the effects of Isabel, a neighbor asked me if I happened to be a prepper. I can't recall if I knew the term or not but I went online and did some research. I found my life was already pretty close to being a prepper and decided if we had gotten through Isabel easily, what else  I could prepare for. After that my love for prepping took off and I prepared, practiced and ran scenarios for almost any man made or natural disaster imaginable. I looked at prepping as a hobby, a game, something I challenged myself with, and just how prepared I could be.

Skip forward to now. I got addicted to TikTok and for several months was doing some comedy videos and decided just to make one of the security door I had put up in our home. I got hundreds of comments and questions about other security ideas I had. I began making videos on request and my followers went from 3,000 to 10,000 in just a couple of weeks. I started merging these with some prepping advice and followers jumped to over 20,000. At the time of this writing, I’m looking at 27,000 followers, some who have requested me to set up a  website, so here we are. I’m not a teacher but I am here to teach and learn as well.

William T. Carroll, Jr.