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The Accidental Prepper

EST. Saturday, April 18, 2020

William T. Carroll, Jr

P.O. Box 403

Hayes, VA 23072-9998

“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

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This site is based on my enjoyment of prepping and the hope of teaching others. I don't know if you'd call me an expert;

however, my self education, practice and the fact that my family hasn't had to suffer through most of life's circumstantial

events makes it clear I may know a thing or two. The Accidental Prepper is in combination with my TikTok account: @willatwork. It was created through the requests of my many followers on TikTok. The Accidental Prepper is in its infancy and I've got tons of prepping information to continue posting, so be a part of its growth. Check out my Tiktok; @willatwork.